Do You Love Chipotle? Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Coupon

Okay, I know this isn’t in line with my regular fashion-based posts, but I just feel like this a really great chance for everyone reading to score a free burrito/bowl from Chipotle, especially since they don’t have promotions very often.


So if you follow the link below it will take you to a little ingredients quiz where you can compare the ingredients between items on Chipotles menu and their competitors.
After you finish the ~20 question quiz, you just type in your name and phone number and then BAM, they send you a ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ coupon. I just used mine today and was so happy to enjoy a bowl for only like ~$3. So if you are a fan of Chipotle or know someone who is, feel free to send them this link as well. 🙂



Happy Eating!

8 thoughts on “Do You Love Chipotle? Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Coupon

  1. Ahh speaking of Chipotle, I went there for the first time in my life last Thursday. Pretty good, but not as good as everyone blows it out to be. :/ Still enjoyed myself though, so that’s good, haha.

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      1. I got a chicken bowl with rice and salsa ^_^ I didn’t know the system was like Subway, so I kept rambling off about what I wanted in the bowl to the first lady and she was confused lol >///<

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      2. Good! 🙂 Imo, it tastes so amazing with everything included, with the cheese, sour cream, rice, beans and the chicken ❤ ….and now I feel like eating chipotle. xD Were you able to use the coupon?

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