K-Fashion | Summer Looks

Hola everyone!

So I just started watching a British series called ‘Downton Abbey’ 2 days ago and I’m almost done with season 1 (7 episodes) and wow, I didn’t expect it to be this addictive. Lots of cliffhangers, drama, and fun stuff going on in every episode. And this may be why I’ve only posted once this week… hehe.

It’s the middle of summer, a time where skirts, shorts and dresses are more common than ever. Florals, polka dots and bright colors are personal favorites of mine to wear right now. How about you?

What are some summer specific pieces you’ve enjoyed wearing this season?

Onto the pictures! I’m excited to show you guys some cute Korean summer outfits I’ve come across recently.


*I love the bright pink purse and polka dot shorts in this photo.


*Polka dots ❤


*White high-low dress = Classy


*I need those mint shorts and bow belt!


*Wrapping a plaid jacket around the waist pulls the outfit together and is a huge trend right now.


*From the lipstick to the shorts, this outfit is adorable.


*The boots and off the shoulder top really make this outfit.


*The essentials: black & white


*Denim jackets are back in style and they look great with florals.


*Pretty & simple.

I’m curious, which outfit would you want to wear this summer?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

5 thoughts on “K-Fashion | Summer Looks

  1. I love all these looks 😍 My top 2 choices would have to be the high-low dress and the outfit with the mint shorts and bow belt! Super adorable and perfect for the summer! 🌼

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